Cookies Detroit Review

MiCannaCast’s new episode today is on Cookies Detroit and our review on some of their exotic genetics they had in stock. Cannadave and Groovee picked up different strains of cookie genetics to smoke like Gary Payton, White Runtz, Georgia Pie, and Georgia Pie Diamonds.  Cookies is familiar with the Berner Brand.  This was our first time at the shop so because of this we picked up a huge variety of strains to try and do reviews on. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 we weren’t able to go inside of the cookies Detroit store.  Berner’s Cookies are some of the most sought after genetics because of how good the strains are with taste and terps.

Berner’s Cookies

Firstly, Berner is a rapper and a cannabis brand builder very big in the industry. He has made the cookies family or cookies genetics top of the line. One of the first exotic brands in cannabis. He has had collabs with Rick Ross for a couple of strains like the Collins Ave, Lemon Pepper. Berner’s Brand has exploded in the cannabis industry with shops opening up in different states like here in Cookies Detroit, Cali, and Florida soon. Secondly, Berner is changing the genetics now with all the new strains having some sort of cookie in the lineage.

Secondly, Berner has so many other strains that have famous genetics that we as the consumers don’t know the lineage. One of them is Snowman here is a review on a time when Cannadave tried snowman at one of the shops here in Detroit. Other genetics he has helped create is Lions Mane, Collabs with Grandfloria, Blanco, & many other strains.

Cookies Brand

Gary Payton Review

The First Review we talk about is Cookies Genetics the Gary Payton. The Gary Payton is one of the most recognizable strains you want to try from the cookie fam. Overall it was a great strain. Secondly, everyone should try it once it has such a unique smell and taste. Here is a quick clip of us opening the bag of Gary Payton.

Gary Payton

Lastly, We broke down the flower of Gary Payton and that was some good smelling cannabis. We both agreed we would buy the strain again even though Cookies Detroit or Cookies brands, in general, are typically pricy for an eight. All Cookie strains were $65 an eight before tax. We have gone back since to try other genetics like the Collins ave.

Gary Payton

White Runtz

Secondly, we tried a couple of prerolls white runtz and Georgia Pie. Runtz is another collaboration with Berner’s Brands and the Cookie Family. Runtz has been increasing in popularity the last year or so in the cannabis industry. The Pre Rolls were shocking because they actually tasted like flower cannabis. They didn’t shake or tasted bad after two puffs.  Both Prerolls exceeded our expectations but as we say in the episode they are $20 per or 2 for $30.

White Runtz PreRoll & Gary Payton

Overall Cookies Detroit

Georgia Pie & Georgia Pie Diamonds

Lastly, Tune in and see what we say about the cookies experience we went through. Did we like all the products? We recommend you to go and try out cookies Detroit when you have a chance? All this and more answered in the new episode of MiCannaCast. Let us know in the comments what your favorite cookie strain is.

Cookies Detroit Review

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