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Trusted by some of the biggest brands…

We have our feet smack dab in the middle of the cannabis community. We help your brands grow within our community and outside of it by our channels of marketing and our leaders CannaDave and Groovee. Lets take your brand to the top with the help of us and our team. We grow you grow just like the plant!

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Lets set up a free phone consultation to discuss your marketing needs. Best way to contact us is through email at We look forward to hearing from you!


We can help market your brand through a variety of ways from event recaps, live reads, lower thirds, grow tours, live streams at events, and much more. Let’s find ways to help grow your brand today!


Are you having trouble being seen on social or trying to get your brand out to the public? Join our team and we will help you grow. With a community backed behind us, we help get your product into the hands of the right consumers.


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