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Cannadave & Groovee review Truffle Pig by NOBO Michigan. NOBO has two locations in the Michigan Market Muskegon & Edwardsburg. The Cross of Truffle Pig is Gelato 41 & Mai Tai #4 genetics. We had NOBO CEO Alan Bonsett on an episode to discuss their brand and company here in the Michigan Market. We also talk about NOBO on our recent trip to Muskegon Michigan.

Truffle Pig Smell & look:

Truffle Pig has a great aroma, very citrus. The smell just pops as you are opening the bag. Cannadave & Groovee both like the smell on this and it pops. We both gave it over an 8.5 on our strain review scale. Cannadave said it this strain reminds him of Tropicanna Cookies.

The Truffle Pig by NOBO has a great look, nice and frosty with orange hairs some purple hues in the bud too. It has a nice bag appeal and smell, both of these stood out to us as we were going through these categories.

Truffle Pig

Truffle Pig Smoke:

If the smell and taste match up during the smoke we believe the growers did a great job. Let’s find out what we thought of this strain during the smoke sesh. On the first couple of puffs, the taste does match the smell. You are getting that citrusy taste, with a mix of tropical while you start off smoking the joint. Groovee mentions “it’s a good citrusy smoke” We know Groovee loves his gas and to hear him say he like this taste!

Cannadave says its “tropical taste matching up”. It does have white ash while smoking through the first half and second half of the joint. It doesn’t have the highest THC % it’s around 14%, but like we have said it’s not just based on High THC % we are about the entourage effect. The entourage effect hits great on this one what we mean is the taste hits, the smell matches the taste, the terps are great on this strain.

Truffle Pig Ash:

The Ash around the joint was white, not black, it still has the flavor throughout the smoking sesh. The 10 for ash would be white with a nice hash oil line while it burns. The taste does go through the entire joint, it tastes all the way until the end. This is great because it shows the grower took time with the product, well grow, clean cannabis, flushed, and cured properly.


Truffle Pig Effects:

It would be a great day smoke not going to put you down. If you need a good smoke to kick off your day this would be great. The Citrus and orange terps give you more of the daytime effects not cloudy in the head but more like let’s go. You need to run errands or get things done around the house this is it for you!! Cannadave anxiety didn’t kick in from the smoke and Groovee said it’s not paranoia at all either with the upper effects, it just woke him up like ready to go!

Truffle Pig Value:

This Truffle Pig had a great value a quarter was $65 for 7 grams and that breaks down to around $30 for an 8th. The value can’t be beat, it’s the premium bud which is great to see for a phenomenal value for inside a dispensary right now. You can get Truffle pig at a NOBO location in either Muskegon or Edwardsburg Michigan.

Cannadave gave a score of 8.5/10 which is a passing grade for us because of the difficulty of our rating scale.

Groovee Gave a score of 8.7/10 which is passing as well.

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