Collins Ave Review & MORE Act Update

The new episode of MiCannaCast has CannaDave & Groovee discussing a couple of topics update on The MORE Act (Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act) which was postponed on the vote last week. This was postponed to work on a COVID-19 bill and wanted to push it back until after the Presidential Election. CannaDave and Groovee do an exclusive strain review on Collins Ave Strain which is part of Rick Ross’s brand.


The MORE Act vote was supposed to be a big moment in cannabis history and had a possible chance to get votes to move on. This was postponed due to the presidential election in November. Is this another stab at the cannabis industry? The year 2020 has had many surprises but to the cannabis industry, this isn’t much of a surprise. We know cannabis was deemed essential during the covid19 pandemic so it should be a big topic in the house and senate.

We also talk about Medical users in Ohio Crossing the border into Michigan to get cheaper medical marijuana than they are paying in Ohio. Is this happening all over? Cannadave and Groovee believe this is happening not just here but in other states as well that are legal and medical use. This needs to be okay but it’s not because of the schedule 1 drug of cannabis and you are crossing state lines.

Collins Ave Strain Review
Collins Ave Strain Review

Collins Ave Strain is the Review we decide to break down because Rick Ross has Collins Ave and collaborated with Berner and Cookies. It was able to pick up at Cookies Detroit on 8 Mile. Rick Ross is a part of the Collins Ave, Lemon Pepper, & Pink Rozay. Collins Ave is an exclusive strain that has some great crosses in them. We breakdown the Smell, Taste, Look, Ash, Effects, and much more on the episode. Did we enjoy Collins Ave? Tune in and find out.

The End of Overages

Lastly, The final topic we touch on is Michigan’s, Caregiver Market. The Caregiver market in Michigan supplied all the shops for years with their overages for medical users to get. They also did the same for the beginning of the Adult-use market as well. But starting OCT 1st, the caregiver’s overages can not be sold in licensed shops. This is because the state of Michigan now has more licenses out to growers, processors, and dispensaries. The Caregivers did a lot for the Michigan Industry and one of the reasons why the industry continues to be great in Michigan. This is just the beginning of the continual growth in Cannabis.

Lastly, check out our Wake & Bake Live Every Saturday at 9 am Eastern on FB & IG. Also, Tune in to our Live Terp Talk Tuesday at 9 pm Every Tuesday on Fb & IG. If you have any questions please come chat and chill with us. Let’s hope the MORE Act ends up getting a chance to have a vote, and if you see the collins ave strain try it out and let us know what you think!!

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