GKUA Brand & Ann Arbor Road-Trip

New Episode of MiCannaCast and we talk about Lil Wayne’s Gkua Ultra Premium cannabis brand has entered the Michigan Market. GKUA Cannabis is We discuss our recent road trip to Ann Arbor and we talk about the two spots we hit.  The Two Dispos were Bloom City Club & Arborside.

GKUA Cannabis Review

Firstly, Gkua is Lil Wayne’s cannabis brand and it is in the Michigan market. It came to Michigan over the beginning of OCT 2020. You saw many shops posting images on social media talking about the product they just got in the shop. Secondly, they are marketing the GKUA brand as an ultra-premium cannabis product and when we had the opportunity to grab it we had to. It’s Similar to Cookies Detroit coming here but they have exotics and this strain wasn’t exotic like his Hollygrove strain.

We saw that the Reef Detroit was carrying the product’s flower, concentrates, and vape oil. They had two different kinds of concentrates crumble and badder. The Flower was $75 for an eighth and they had a gram of concentrates for $80 and the oil was $80 for a half gram but you also had to buy the vape battery. It was a little disappointing to see that they were selling the eight that high because it was just GG#4 which is a great strain but thats a little out of the price range for most.

Lastly the video below is our review on the GKUA brand and the GG#4 Pre-roll we bought at the reef. It was a 1 gram pre-roll for $25 very pricy for a preroll. See what we thought below. See what Cannadave & Groovee have to say about this. That’s a pretty expensive price for a cannabis brand and this is before tax.

GKUA Review

Bloom City Club

Bloom City Club is the first shop we stopped at and shopped around on our Ann Arbor road-trip. It was Cannadave’s second time there and Groovee’s first time in the shop.  Groovee picked up Treetown Concentrates and a Motorbreath preroll. Treetown is the sister company of Bloom City Club and they produce all their edibles and concentrates.

Cannadave picked up a couple pre-rolls from the shop two different brands but they weren’t affiliated with Bloom City Club. See what we thought of the deals at Bloom City Club. The preroll wasn’t the best but Groovee did enjoy the concentrate from Treetown but not the terps as much on the specific strain. Groovee said he would dab Treetown again tho! They didn’t carry any of the GKUA Cannabis brands by Lil Wayne. Also Check out that coffee shop right across the street from them great coffee.


Arborside was the second shop on our Ann Arbor Trip. This shop is the only medical-only shop in the city.  They had a great deal for being a first-time patient. It was 50% off your first purchase of up to $200. We couldn’t believe that because most haven’t done much for first-time patients recently. This is a must-try for any medical cardholders in the state, it’s too good of a deal to pass up lol.

We both bought a couple of concentrates and flowers. Cannadave got Oreoz which are bred here in Michigan. That was a great strain to finally be able to try. We both got a gram of Rosin and that was from nug abductions which were great to have because it’s solventless.  Solventless means it was made clean without any impurities either with water or a heat press. 

Overall Experience

GKUA & Ann Arbor Road-Trip

Most Importantly, we had a great road trip out to Ann Arbor and we’re able to visit a Bloom City Club & Arborside during the pandemic. You can see how big the industry is growing here in Michigan because you have another big Brand GKUA affiliated with Lil Wayne entering the market at high prices.

Lastly, Tune in to our Live Wake and Bake Saturday at 9 am and Terp Talk Tuesday Night at 9 pm.





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