Superior Remix Errlking Hightimes Reviews 2022


Errlking Superior Remix Live Resin from the solvent category in the Hightimes cannabis cup. Superior Remix is grown by Superior Selections. This is a collab by Errlking concentrates and Superior Selections.

We haven’t tried this strain before but have heard good things from our listeners in the chat. We have heard high terps on their concentrates. They list all the terpenes on the packaging which is pretty sweet to see. You can almost understand the taste and possible effects you will feel from the dab.

The smell we got as we got when we cracked it was like a tropical mango / runtz smell. It popped when your nose was a little above the jar. We each dabbed with our own Puffco at different temperature settings.

The taste of the Errlkings superior remix both had us thinking and debating on what we tasted on the first rip. Groovee ends up taking a second dab to get a better feel of the flavor.

It wasn’t tropical like the smell or limonene, it had more of a floral taste. The effects are hitting as you exhale the dab. It was more of uplifting zoning high. You got to focus and could zone in on someone or a task at hand it was a good effect. This is a dab you would like to do in the morning or maybe even before going out at night.

Overall Superior Remix Errlking Concentrate

If you like more sedative dabs this might not be the one for you. This perks you up with strength and effects which helped the review pass. This was a good review overall terps matched smell and effects, but it didn’t match the flavor. When smell and flavor don’t match its not always our favorite overall it still was a good concentrate. The Superior Selections Grown Cannabis and processed by Errlking did pass our test. If you have tried the Superior Remix let us know your opinions on it!!


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Score Cannadave Groovee Brand Name Strain Name
Package 10 8 8 ErrlKing Concentrate Superior Remix Live Resin
Aroma 10 8 8
Flavor 15 11 10.5
Consistency 10 8 8.5
Effects/High 15 12.5 13
Strengh 15 13 13
Value 10 8 7
R&R 15 11.5 12
100 80 80

Have you Tried Errlking? Let us know in the comments.

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