Episode 46: Darren Mccarty Review & Tainted Cannabis

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In the new episode of Micannacast, there are a couple of different topics and reviews that Cannadave & Groovee Cover. The two different products we talk about are Resin Production and the concentrate from them.  Another topic we discuss is Darren McCarty and the Prerolls by PinCanna who he teamed up with for the release. Lastly, we talk about through the episode is tainted cannabis and the recalls happening all over. The First cannabis recall we talk about is in Michigan for licking joints. The other topics discussed are tainted cannabis in Las Vegas which resulted in many grams being confiscated or reported on in the state.  We also discuss the fine on a Massasuchetts Dispensary for selling tainted carts.

Tainted Cannabis

Cannabis Recalls are happening all over and it’s not just happening in our state of Michigan with prerolls. As a result, you can see we are seeing tainted cannabis or moldy products in states like Massachusetts who just fined a place for selling tainted carts. The shop was fined $120,000 for selling tainted cannabis carts.

Las Vegas, Nevada had a recall also happen to them and this was just on flower product. 3 dispensaries were in trouble for selling tainted Cherry Og cannabis. According to the article it states “The product is Cherry OG F3, which all dispensaries and retail stores were told to stop selling immediately after it failed testing for yeast and mold, coliforms, Enterobacteriaceae, and aspergillus on March 5, 2020. Enterobacteriaceae is a group of bacteria that can cause infections and even pneumonia. Aspergillus is a fungus whose spores can cause infections most commonly in those with sensitive lungs.”

We think this is happening now because of all the testing going on, with more and more places opening up this trend will probably continue for a little before its completely fixed.

Cannabis Recall From Licking Joints

Lastly, the final topic on tainted cannabis is the recall from Michigan. Over 3,200 prerolls have been recalled due to this mistake. I don’t know why companies are still licking prerolls when you can have machines do all the work. It’s great though to see brands passing tests like Darren McCarty and Resin Production the two reviews we discuss.

Darren McCarty PreRoll & Resin Productions

The two reviews we discussed on the podcast this time were the Darren McCarthy Prerolls and the concentrate by Resin Productions. We were pretty excited to talk about Darren McCarty’s Prerolls because he is a famous hockey player who played for the Detroit Redwings. The preroll had high CBD we haven’t had before we decided to give it a smoke. The Preroll was in a cone so no worry about someone licking the joint and causing a recall. Cannaglue tested at 5% THC and almost 9% CBD. Tune in and hear what we thought of the preroll. Exodus Kush was the other preroll and that one tested at 20% THC. 

The Resin Production wax was pretty good as well with a great terp smell you didn’t want to miss. Groovee Enjoyed the terps and the deal he received at the Reef Detroit. He goes into detail about the taste and smell of the Resin Production product!

Tainted Cannabis & Darren McCarty Preroll Review

MiCannaCast Updates

Thanks for tuning in to another episode of MiCannaCast and Lastly don’t miss our Live Wake & Bake 9am Eastern!! Live on Facebook and Instagram. We look forward to seeing you!!

In Conclusion if Darren McCarty reads this or Resin Production. Send us a message we would love to have you on and talk about your brands. Thanks for Tuning in Sit back and Relax and Listen to MiCannaCast!!

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