Episode 23: Coronavirus & 313 Day in Detroit

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Episode 23: Coronavirus & 313 Day in Detroit

First Topic is the Coronavirus and what is happening around us. How has the virus affected the cannabis community here in Mi? Hash Bash, Monroe Street Fair Cancelled! Gathers of 250 people or more are banned as well. We talk about what we are experiencing at this moment. What other events will get canceled how long will this last for? All these topics we touch on at the beginning.

313 Day: Celebrates Detroit Day and we checked out a local Provisioning Shop had some great deals that day. High Profile in Detroit right south of 8 Mile and Groesbeck had some deals and we stopped in.  We were able to try their home brand Cloud Cover Cannabis and their Sister Company Galatic Meds! We have been waiting a while to try these brands. We Try the Queso Perro by Cloud Cover and Sherblato by Galatic Meds!! See What we think of these strains as well as their wax Gorilla Glue by Galatic Meds!! Check out Cannadave Strain Review on Sherblato!

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